Tips To Protect Kids From Electrical Hazards

Children love exploring. They touch, taste, and test everything that surrounds them. Sadly, this inquisitiveness often leads to mishaps and accidents. According to reports, The emergency rooms in the USA treat 7 children per day for shocks and electrical burns related to electrical outlets.

As electricity is present everywhere, it can be lethal for your child. As a parent, it is your job to protect kids from electrical hazards. You need to educate your children about electrical safety and ways to use electrical appliances and devices. But here, the problem is that children come under different age groups, so electrical education can’t be beneficial for all. Kids under five years of age require special attention from parents.

Therefore, you have to maintain proper electrical conditions around the home to protect kids under five. Here are some practical electrical safety tips and ways to handle electrical burns and shocks.

Electrical dangers for kids     

Children are not much aware of electrical dangers. If your child is above five, then teach them the basics of electricity and some potential risks. Below are some basics of electricity:

  • Electricity can spoil your child’s life. It can cause burns, shocks, and even death.
  • You use many electrical appliances and power cords at home. But such electrical items can be dangerous for kids if they are not kept under proper supervision. 
  • You know water is a great conductor of electricity, and the human body has 70 percent of water. So you can guess how lethal electricity can be.
  • In the case of electric shock, the heart rate gets interrupted and contracts the blood vessels.  

Consider the following tips for ultimate protection

Cover outlets

Kids’ fingers can easily fit in electrical outlets; even any little object can easily fit. If outlets in your home can be reached by the kids, then cover those outlets with protective material. 

Do not keep liquids in open places

We all know that water and electricity do not mix. If water spills on any electrical appliances or devices, it can cause a significant short circuit. Remove appliances like hairdryer, shaver from the bathroom if you want to bathe your child. Always keep all electrical items out of reach of children. 

Keep all power cords out of a child’s reach

If you are a fan of electrical items, you may have lots of cords and power bars. Do not throw any power essentials here and there at home. Keep them out of your child’s reach. Also, block the easily accessible area that is full of electrical dangers. If cords are damaged, then wrap the cut using electrical tapes or get a new one. 

Create a safe zone for kids  

As parents, it is a challenging task to save kids from danger. Because children are naughty and they don’t understand anything easily. They try to have fun with everything reachable to them. But we can create a specialized zone for kids at home by removing all potential dangers. In that way, we can protect our kids and enjoy peace of mind. 

Keep metal objects away from kids

Sometimes we throw small metal objects anywhere at home. But, have you forgotten your little one who can put those metal pins or objects in the toaster, outlets, and damaged power cords? These are some critical situations where your child’s life can be in danger. So, do not throw any sensitive objects anywhere at home or clear the areas your child can access. 

Call a professional for electrical works

As parents, we do every possible thing for our child’s safety. But it doesn’t mean that you put your life at risk. Do not be a DIY hero all the time. Do whatever you can but not cross the limit. Always prefer professional help in case of major electrical repairs. On the other hand, go through the user’s manual that you get at the purchase time.  

Do not use extension cords

Instead of using extension cords and power strips, consider permanent wiring as children can chew wires around them. So either keep your child away from electrical wires or go for permanent wiring.  

Do not overlook minor electrical disturbances 

It is human nature to ignore minor things. But sometimes, a minor object or disturbance can create a significant problem. A minor electrical fault or short circuit can turn into a fire. So, do not ignore such things; take them into consideration, and take precautionary steps.

Educate your child

Educate your child about electrical hazards and safety rules from an early age. Use internet content like videos and make them aware. Teach about safety measures by visual demonstration. Visual learning is great for better understanding. Also, tell your children not to use electrical equipment when you are not present at home. In that way, your child will learn the appropriate behavior while dealing with electricity. 

How to handle electrical injuries?

After continuous efforts toward electrical safety, if your child gets injured from electricity, you must have some temporary solution. A first aid kit should be in everyone’s home. Let’s have a look at the below scenarios:

What to do when an electric shock occurs? 

If anyone around you meets with electrical accidents, do not touch the person without proper safety tools. All you have to do is to shut down the power from the primary source as soon as possible to prevent any significant injury and then rescue the victim safely. Take emergency help and call the nearest hospital. 

What to do in case of electrical burns?

Pour running water over the victim’s injury for a minimum of 20 minutes. Do not touch any blisters. Avoid treating the injury with anything like ointment, cream, oil, and other homemade products. Call an ambulance without delay and send the injured person to the hospital. 

You and your child can’t be safe only by reading safety tips here and there. You have to take action right now. After reading this guide, go and inspect your home for electrical hazards. Follow these steps and make your home electrically safe. Or, hire Good Guys Electricians for an effective safety inspection.

Tips To Protect Kids From Electrical Hazards

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