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Most of us try to solve some of the minor electrical problems with a DIY approach only to save a few bucks. However, it can turn more costly and dangerous and sometimes even life threatening. Here, calling a professional, well qualified, and skilled electrician is the only and the most required course of action for you.

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If you are looking for reliable and responsible electrical contractors that can install, repair and maintain the electrical system of your home .. Read More

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

We can’t imagine our life without electricity in this modern time. Power is contributing to enhancing productivity both in businesses and at home.... Read More

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors installation is the best life-saving investment for your family and your home. However, smoke and carbon monoxide ... Read More



Anything can cause a sudden power outage in your locality or your home. Some reasons behind power outage include grid failure, vehicle collision with a utility pole... Read More

Lighting Installation

Lighting Installation

If you are looking for a reliable and safe professional light installation, Good Guys Electrician can help you connect with the right and skilled electrician at the right time... Read More

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel

The homeowners should remain careful when it comes to the electrical system of their home. People use a large number of electrical appliances ... Read More

Our Additional Services

Mold Remediation and Restoration

If you are thinking to use bleach to get rid of mold in your home, then it can be proved insufficient and ineffective. On the contrary, it can provide a more favorable condition for mold growth and create more issues in your home. Good Guys is certified for mold removal and remediation. Our mold removal specialists will meet with you and discuss a comprehensive mold removal, testing and remediation plan when you schedule a meeting with us. Our specialists are trained on proper mold remediation and removal procedures. Call Good Guys specialists and ensure the healthy environment in your home with our mold removal procedures.

HVAC Services

Our technicians can repair, maintain, replace, and install HVAC systems to provide you the most needed comfort. For your all HVAC related problems such as air conditioning duct cleaning and maintenance, repair, improving indoor air quality, water heater repairs, and many more, we have covered everything for you. Moreover, our HVAC experts have a broad experience working with all the top brands of HVAC systems. We can install and replace your HVAC system in no time. If you are unsure about selecting the best HVAC system according to your needs, our experts can guide you in the best way.

Plumbing Services

Nothing can be worse than waiting for a plumber even after being given a time window of 8 hours when your toilet and sink are overflowing. With Good Guys, you can arrange a fixed time for your plumber to arrive at your residence and commercial setup. It means you don’t need to take an extra or an entire day off from your office to deal with it. We have earned a reputation for sending our plumbers on time and getting the task done in minimal time. Our plumbers have the reviews and ratings to prove it.

Electrical Services

Good Guys have a team of committed electricians providing all commercial, domestic and industrial services. Ensuring safety to you and your family matters the most to our electrical experts. Good Guys frequently installs repair and maintain GFCI outlets, whole-home surge protectors, and childproof outlets for our customers who are concerned the most for the safety. We can replace the faulty breakers instantly and install additional ones. Our electricians routinely install items like smoke detectors, ceiling fans and light fixtures. Good Guys electricians provide electrical safety inspections and upgrade your electrical panel to meet the needs of your busy family.

Water Treatment

Allow our water treatment experts to diagnose the concerns of your household water and let them address the issue with comprehensive and effective planning. If you want to find out that your household water requires treatment yourself, then it can be not easy. However, some signs can make you understand the quality of your household water. But identifying the signs of contaminated water is not enough. It will require you to get an excellent course of action to get rid of pollutants present in your water and affecting your family’s health.


Hire the remodeling professionals of Good Guys for your remodeling project to improve the functional space of your home and office. With years of experience remodeling bathrooms, renovating kitchens and performing home exteriors and interiors, our remodeling team can give you a more enjoyable and comfortable space to live. Our remodeling team can upgrade the bathroom, remodel stairs and entryways and install carpentry like wainscoting, fireplace mantles and coffered ceilings. If you have a custom remodeling project, then give us a call and allow us to handle it. We will remodel your whole home to fit your lifestyle.

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"They did a fantastic job and fixed the electrical problems in my home very fast than I have expected. Good Guys electricians were efficient and prompt in completing the given job. They repair everything that was needed giving me great peace of mind."


Tempe, AZ

"Good Guys electricians resolved a potential and persistent hazardous situation with their expertise in a short time. They relocated and replaced my obsolete and very old electrical panel, repair lighting fixtures, and added whole home surge protection. The people at Good Guys electrical responded to my e-mail immediately."


Phoenix, AZ


"Two electricians from Good Guys came to our residence to repair the electrical wirings and replacing lights and ballasts. The electricians were organized, courteous, polite, and professional. They communicated very well with us to get clarification about the problem. I appreciate them for their timely arrival and efficient handling of their job."

Erica Snider,

Buckeye, AZ


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