Electrical Safety Inspections

No doubt, electricity has made our life much more comfortable than ever before. But the fire caused due to the malfunctioning of the electrical system is also the most significant reason for property damages in many places. We often plug small appliances into dry sockets, causing electrocutions accidentally. Also, improper wirings can cause fire or electrocutions and damage your property. You can prevent and address all these safety hazards with regular electrical safety inspections. It will take you only a few minutes to call Good Guys  electrical safety professionals and schedule electrical safety inspections at your home.

Electrical Safety Inspections: When Do You Need It?

Homeowners should choose some specific times to schedule electrical safety inspections. Also, they should schedule electrical safety inspections at the time when they purchase a new home or if the house is more than 30 or 35 years old. Also, whenever the homeowners add or buy a new electrical, they should schedule electrical safety inspections. You can also schedule electrical safety inspections if you are planning for some major renovation in your home. If you have purchased any new electrical appliance or any of your old electrical equipment is causing the problem then reach out to the Good Guys  electrical safety professionals and schedule an inspection for your home.

Electrical Safety Inspections: Benefits

Electrical Safety Inspections: What Does It Include?

We know what to look for to prevent electrical hazards at your home and in your business. Good Guys  electrical safety inspections include:

  • Verification of wall outlet and switch operation along with proper wattage of the light bulb.
  • Our professionals check for electrocution hazards and shocks.
  • They verify whether fault circuit interpreters are operating or working correctly.
  • They check the underground electrical systems, look into the security and safety of lighting, and proper placement of the smoke detectors.
  • Good Guys  electrical safety professionals look into the systems responsible for protecting the sudden surge in electric supply.
  • They test the detectors of carbon monoxide and smoke.
  • Good Guys  electrical professionals inspect the electrical panel for appropriate amps, labels and operation.
  • After examining your outdoor electrical systems, they give a prioritized and comprehensive report on the specific areas that may require particular attention.

Good Guys Electrical Safety Inspections: Schedule Your Inspection

Please don’t wait and call us to schedule electrical safety inspections at your home to ensure the safety of your family. We are always dedicated to making you and your family safe from any electrical hazards. Our professionals take no time to respond to the calls and act quickly. Good Guys  is proud to be part of your life in ensuring safe electrical habits.

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