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Generators – Repair, Maintenance & Installation Services Arizona

Anything can cause a sudden power outage in your locality or your home. Some reasons behind power outage include grid failure, vehicle collision with a utility pole, lighting, trees and storms, high power demand, and many more. Power outages can make your life uncomfortable and inconvenient. It can also damage your heating and cooling system. To avoid any inconvenience, most of the homeowners rely on generators. Good Guys  offers generator repairs, a thorough maintenance plan, and installation services. You can contact our licensed and skilled electricians to choose the right generator for yourself and get it installed in your home.

Why Do You Need To Buy A Generator?

To Backup Electrical Power In Households

Many homeowners purchase a generator to back up electrical power in their household in the event of a power outage. They use generators to back up electrical power in many home appliances like refrigerators, television, etc. Portable generators can help run the medical pieces of equipment powered by electricity for a short time. It can run air conditioners in your home as well.

Give Power Backup To Small Businesses

Small businesses can get severely affected by the power outage spanning for a long duration. A mid or extended duration power outage ruins the inventories dependent on refrigeration in small restaurants, rural markets, butcher shops, and other stores. In such cases, generators can act as a backup to the electrical power of these small businesses, helping them to run smoothly.


  • It ensures the safety of residents living in severe climatic conditions like in extreme cold and extreme hot areas.
  • Generators can power many electrical items like electric fans, electronic bug zappers, microwaves, and many more to bring convenience.
  • Contractors working on building sites can use generators to operate their equipment and tools in case of the power outage.

Generators Repair Service

Good Guys  offers a wide range of generator repair services, including a thorough assessment of repairs and installation services. The experienced professionals of Good Guys  provide an estimate for maintenance and repairs. They repair the broken-down generators and suggest for the replacement if repair is not possible. Our professionals use standardized equipment for improving all types of generators. They also visit the customers for preventative maintenance of the generators to avoid future problems.

Generators Maintenance: What Can You Do?

  • You should clean all the parts of your generator thoroughly.
  • Look for any lubricating oil and coolant leaks.
  • Check the level of lubricating oil and coolant in the tanks.
  • Check if the fuel like diesel, kerosene, gas, or petrol is enough or not in your generators.
  • Change the filters at some regular period and clean the dust if stored in the filters

Generators Repair, Installation, and Maintenance: What Good Guys Offers

Good Guys  provides proper and high-quality generators repairs, installation, and maintenance services. We have trained personnel equipped with the required stock of spare parts and essential tools and equipment. Our electricians can service generators of almost all top brands like Generac, Kohler, GE, Winco, Stratton, Briggs, and many more. The generator maintenance plan of Good Guys  includes regular inspection, cleaning, testing, and preventative maintenance of your generators.

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